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Introducing the EpicRail. It's awesome!

Epicrail™ is an LED-based illuminated handrail. This energy efficient, sustainable solution finally addresses the architectural need for an handrail that produces required illumination levels for both interior and exterior stairs, ramps and pedestrian walkways.


The Epicrail is an indoor/outdoor LED-based handrail that delivers functional illumination. The light output version delivers illuminance levels appropriate for interior and exterior applications as well as for dark interior environments with low ambient illumination levels (e.g., themed environments, theatres and residential areas).


Handrail System LED Light

The EpicRail is an LED illuminated handrail system. Designed to provide symmetricly distributed lighting, Rail offers architects and designers an extremely stylish, virtually maintenance free solution. Rail produces very smooth consistent light.

Wall Mounting

The Epicrail may be post mounted or wall mounted. Final post and wall bracket spacing must be determined by a licensed architect or structural engineer. Epic Sky Technology can provide engineering upon request.


Epicrail is available in a variety of light outputs: warm white, cool white or RGB.


• Operating temperature range -40 ... + 60°C
• 1 year warranty
• Designed and manufactured in USA.

About Epic Sky Technology

Epic Sky Technology, a division of Impact Lighting Inc., specializes in manufacturing customized lighting solutions for both residential and commercial settings. Epic Sky Technology sells products under the reveal EPIC SKY STAR PANEL SYSTEM™, CLEARFORM™, X-LUME™, TWILIGHT STAR™, GALAXY SYSTEM DESIGN™, and THINGLOW™ brands, all trademarks (pending) of Impact Lighting Inc. For more information, visit